Silly Lilly Stays Healthy

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Discussion Questions

Why didn’t Silly Lilly feel good?
She ate junk food. She stayed up late.

What are some of the things Lilly’s Mom wants her to do?
Get lots of exercise. Wash her hands. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Brush her teeth. Go to sleep early.

Why does Lilly’s Mom want her to do these things?
She wants Lilly to be healthy so she can feel good.

Figuring out what to do:

Children sometimes like to eat junk food and stay up late.

  • Why isn’t it a good idea to do those things all the time?
  • What are some things you can do to stay healthy and feel good?


Which is the better way to be healthy and feel good? (There may be more than one choice.)

Luis and Quisha are watching TV. Quisha’s Mom wants to take them to the park to play. Which is the healthy thing to do?

a. Keep watching TV.
b. Go to the park and play with Quisha’s Mom.

Which of these foods are healthy for you?

a. milk
b. apples
c. bananas
d. candy
e. grapes
f. string beans
g. salad
h. potato chips

What can you do to stay clean?

a. Take a bath.
b. Brush your teeth.
c. Wash your hands carefully.

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