Rosa learns to be fair

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions 

What did Rosa do that was not fair?
She took more food than the others, she took up more room than she needed, she didn’t share, she cheated when playing games, and she didn’t take turns.

What could Rosa do differently next time?
She can make sure everybody has enough to eat and enough room to sleep, she can share her toys, she can play by the rules, and she can take turns.

If you cheat when you play a game, what can happen?
Your friends can get mad at you and you feel bad about what you did.

What should you do when you haven’t been fair?
Say you’re sorry.


Understanding fairness in your life:

Think about when somebody you knew who didn’t act fairly. How did it make you feel? What would you like the person to do next time? Have you ever acted unfairly? What did you do? What can you do next time?

Understanding what to do:

Here are some things that can happen to children sometimes. What do you think is the fair thing to do?

Luisa and Maria are having some cake. Luisa cuts two pieces of cake. One piece is very big. The other is very small. What should Luisa do?

a. Give Maria the small piece.
b. Give Maria the big piece.

Which is the fair thing to do?

Mike and Roger are playing a game. When Roger isn’t looking, Roger cheats and wins the game. Mike says: “Roger, you’re not fair because you cheated.” What should Mike do?

a. Mike should say he’s sorry and offer to play again.
b. Mike should leave and not play with Roger anymore.

Which is the fair thing to do?

Kim and Peter are playing soccer. Kim gets the ball first.

What should Kim do?

a. Keep the ball the whole time and score a goal.
b. Pass the ball to Peter and give him a chance to score a goal.


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