Ramon Learns how to Resolve a Conflict

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Discussion Questions

What did Sarah say about Ramon’s sculpture that made him feel sad?
She told Ramon his sculpture was ugly.

What did the teacher tell Ramon to do?
The teacher told Ramon to tell Sarah that he was sad.

What did Sarah say when Ramon told her how he felt?
Sarah said she was sorry. She also said that she wouldn’t say mean things again.

What can you do if someone says mean things to you?
You can tell the person how you feel, and why you feel that way. Say “I feel sad or…..when you….”

Figuring out what to do:

Sometimes children are mean to other children. They hurt each other’s feelings when they say mean things, make faces at them, or talk about them to other children. Think about how you feel sometimes.

  • Do you ever feel sad if someone is mean to you?
  • What can you do when someone is mean to you?
  • Have you ever been mean to another child?
  • What can you do instead of being mean to someone?


Here are some things that happen with children sometimes. What is the right thing to do? (There may be more than one choice.)

John comes to school wearing a new jacket. Maria says she doesn’t like it. What is the best thing for John to do?

a. He can tell Maria she hurt his feelings when she says mean things.
b. He can cry and not say anything.
c. He can hit her.

Jose pushes Chantalle when they’re playing in the school yard. Chantalle starts crying. What is the right thing for Jose to do?

a. Jose can walk away.
b. Jose can say he’s sorry and ask Chantalle if she’s okay.
c. Jose can laugh.

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