We are proud to present to parents, educators and caregivers online stories to read with young children that will help BUILD VALUES. Designed for children 3-7, these stories help teach children how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life by being an honest, responsible and caring person.

With so much in the news about dishonesty, corruption and fraud at all levels and in all professions, a child may grow up believing that this behavior is the norm. Teachers, grandparents and others working with children have also noted of late an absence of civility in many children’s behavior. MYYOUNGCHILD.org was designed to give parents, teachers and caregivers the tools to instill in the minds of children at an early age that a more satisfying life style is possible.

MYYOUNGCHILD.org was created by a handful of veteran educators. To read more the designers of the website, click on About Us. MYYOUNGCHILD.org is a non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback!

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