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Bill Edwards

Wilbur S. Edwards

is the President of Early Parenting Foundation, the parent company for myyoungchild.org. He is the former President of Magna Systems, a company which produces Film/DVD programs to train early childhood professionals in the field of Child Development. Previously, he was the President of Compton Encyclopedia and Executive Vice President of Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation.

Nancy Battista Morgan

author, is an educational writer, producer and consultant. She has written and produced many Film/DVD programs for children, parents, health providers and teachers which are seen in schools, hospitals, and on instructional TV both in the US and abroad. She is a former teacher and currently owns her own company, KNB Productions.

Holly Bell

Holly Bell

illustrator, is a fine arts major from the University of Wisconsin. She has been teaching preschool for fourteen years, and she often creates her own materials to use in the classroom. Her creative ideas have been an inspiration to educators, parents and children.

Laurie Elish-Piper

Ph.D., a reading and early childhood consultant, has reviewed the stories. She is a Professor of Reading and Literacy Education at Northern Illinois University and directs the University’s Reading Clinic. She has written numerous books, articles and publications on the subject of reading and family literacy.

Alisa Edwards

author/ illustrator, has been involved with children’s literature for over twenty years. She was a kindergarten teacher, art instructor and elementary school librarian for a decade. Alisa studied at the Chicago Art Institute and received her BA from Colorado Woman’s College with a major in Art.

Dr. Mary Hynes-Berry

was happy to act as a consultant for the stories for this project as she has had a life long passion for using stories for teaching and learning. She is on the faculty at Erikson Institute for Early Childhood, but her most delightful opportunities for using stories came from her 4 sons and now from her 5 granddaughter

Paula Cottone

Paula Cottone currently serves as the Deputy Chief Early Childhood Education Officer for the Chicago Public Schools. Before moving into administration, she spent 20 years teaching kindergarten and preschool in the Chicago Public schools. She has obtained advanced degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Early Childhood Education and in Administration and Supervision. In her administrative capacity she manages the Chicago Public Schools Early Childhood budget, coordinates the expansion of preschool programs in the public schools, and oversees data collection within the Office of Early Childhood Education.

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