We hope you enjoy this site and the many resources it provides you as a teacher. Myyoungchild.org was designed to give parents and educators the tools to teach children values through online stories.  By reading these stories with your students, you’re promoting important social skills and values which will help them flourish as human beings.  Each story includes suggestions for Discussion and Activities, and developmentally appropriate tips for parents on promoting the values taught in each story, Teaching Values to Young Children. These tips, listed after each story, may also be helpful to you as an educator, as you can share them with parents and print them as needed. We’ve also included a section on Teaching Reading and a section on Teaching Values in the Classroom.   


There is much on this site for you to share with parents and other educators, information which can be incorporated into parent education meetings. Make sure to check out the three minute video presentation, the Rewards of Parenting, which can be used at parent education or teacher meetings as an ice breaker.  There are also tips for parents, How to Be a Good Parent, and suggestions for parents on Teaching Reading through Repetitive Stories, as well as other literacy tips.


Please contact us with any suggestions or feedback!

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