Welcome to My Young Child, Free Online Stories to Help Children Build Values Through Reading.

We are proud to present to parents, educators and caregivers online stories to read with young children that will help BUILD VALUES. Because children’s lifelong morals and values are determined at an early age, we have designed these stories for children ages 3-7, when these messages have the most impact. These stories help teach children how to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life by being honest, responsible and caring human beings.

American Library Assoc. Great Websites for KidsMy Young Child is very excited to be listed on the Association for Library Service to Children Great Web Sites for Kids section. Children’s librarians who evaluate books, magazines, tapes, and software for children to find the best of all. Their committee collected what they deemed excellent sites for young people.



Online Read Along Stories

Online stories which promote values. Each story is followed by discussion questions and activities which educators and parents can use with children to help them better understand the story. For each story, you’ll find tips on teaching values to young children—so you’ll know at what age children will understand some of the more complicated aspects of ethics.

NEW!! Listen Along Stories

With one click, children can now listen to our stories aloud. After you have read a story once with your children, they can listen to it by themselves–an ideal way to reinforce the values in the stories and to promote literacy skills.

Video on Rewards of Parenting

A video presentation for parents and educators on the rewards of parenting young children. We welcome you to share this presentation with friends, other parents and educators.

Parenting Tip Section

A parenting section, with tried and true suggestions on how to be a good parent, and links to other pertinent pages on the site.

Educator Resource Section

An educator’s section, which describes how you can use these stories in the classroom to teach values, as well as a page with suggestions on using the stories to teach reading.

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