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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

The seed in the story was different from what other plants?

From a flower plant and from a tomato plant.

What was one way the seed different?

The seed took a long time to grow.

How do you think the seed felt about taking so long to grow and being different from the other seeds?

Sad, impatient, frustrated.

What did the seed do to grow?

The seed worked hard. It grew bark to become strong, and stretched its branches to catch the sunlight. The tree was patient.

What did the seed become and what did it give to others?

The seed became a tree and it gave shade and nuts.


Figuring out what to do:

Do you think it was worthwhile for the tree to be patient? How do you

think the tree felt when it grew up to be strong and beautiful? Have you

ever felt sad because you weren’t the same as everyone else? What are some

things about yourself that make you feel proud? How do you feel when you

see the things about yourself that are good?

Understanding patience, self-esteem and diversity:

Here are some things that children do and feel sometimes. What do you think these children should do?

Tim was playing soccer with his next door neighbor. His neighbor, who was older, passed the ball better than Tim. What could Tim do?

a. He could be patient and keep practicing.

b.He could give up soccer.


Cecilia couldn’t sing as well as her older sister. But she was a very good artist. What should she do?

a. Enjoy singing for the fun of it, but realize she’s not like her sister.

b. Work on her art and be the best she can be.


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