Silly Lilly remembers her manners

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What manners did Silly Lilly forget when she walked into the house?
She forgot to say hello.

Can you remember some other manners Silly Lilly forgot?

a. when she wanted the cheese (please)
b. when her Dad tied her shoe (thank you)
c. after she pushed her brother’s knee (excuse me)

What did Silly Lilly remember to say after her mother talked to her?
She remembered to say “I’m sorry.”

Why should people use manners?
People should use manners to be polite to each other, to be nice to each other, and so they won’t fight with each other. Showing good manners to people shows you respect them.


Figuring out what to do:

Think of a time when you didn’t show good manners to someone. How did that person feel? What could you do differently next time?

Now think of a time when someone didn’t show good manners to you. How did you feel? Can you think of something you could say to that person?

Understanding manners:

Here are some things that children do sometimes. What do you think shows more manners?

A. Pedro is at Arturo’s house. Arturo gives him something to eat. What should Pedro say?

a. Yuch.
b. “Thank you.”

AnaLisa is visiting Kathy. When she leaves, what should she say?

a. “Goodbye, and thank you very much.”
b. She should leave without saying anything.

Jack is visiting his grandmother. When he walks into her house, what should he say?

a. He should pretend he doesn’t see his grandmother.
b. “Hello, Grandma, how are you?”

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