Sharing with Friends

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What did the boy do in the story when he wanted his friend’s toy?
He took it from him. He wasn’t nice and he grabbed it without asking.

When the boy in the story took the toy, what did the other boy do?
He cried. He felt bad.

How do you feel when someone takes things from you?
Sad, mad, unhappy.

What does sharing mean?
Sharing means taking turns.

When you want something and someone else has it, what can you do?
Ask for it. Ask a grown-up what to do.


Figuring out what to do:

Was there ever a time you or a friend of yours didn’t share? What can you do differently next time?

Understanding sharing:

Beth and Ida are playing dolls. Beth has been playing with the doll with the purple shirt for a long time, and now Ida wants to play with it. What should she do?

a. Ask Beth to give her a turn.
b. Take the doll from Beth.

Clancy is playing a video game. Riley wants to play now, but Clancy won’t let him. What should Riley do?

a. Ask his parents for help.
b. Take the game from Clancy.
c. Makes rules beforehand about how much time each boy will play the game.
d. Ask Clancy to please let him play.

Pat and Kathleen are drawing. Pat doesn’t have a red crayon, but Kathleen does. What can Pat do?

a. Take the crayon from Kathleen.
b. Ask Kathleen if he can use the crayon.

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