Rosa Takes Responsibility

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What did Rosa and the other bunnies do that wasn’t nice?
While they were playing hide and seek, they ruined Mrs. Ortiz’ flowers.

What did Rosa do that showed responsibility?
She told Mrs. Ortiz that she was sorry, and she brought her a new plant.

Can you think of how Rosa could have stayed out of trouble?
She could have thought before she went into the garden that she might ruin the plants. And then she wouldn’t have gone into the garden.

What does ‘being responsible’ mean?
One way to be responsible is to know when you do something wrong, and also to say you’re sorry. Responsible people also try to make up for their mistakes, the way Rosa brought Mrs. Ortiz a new plant.


Figuring out what to do:

Think of a time you or someone else weren’t responsible for something you did. How can you or that person be responsible next time?

Understanding responsibility:

Here are some things that children do sometimes. What is the right thing to do?

Tom is playing ball outside with his friends. He breaks a window in a neighbor’s by accident. What should Tom do?

a. Go home and forget it.
b. Tell the neighbor he broke the window and offer to pay for it by doing chores or with money he earns.

Luis and Maria are visiting at their aunt’s house. She gives them lots of toys to play with but asks them to clean them up when they’re done. When it’s time to leave, none of the toys are picked up. What is the responsible thing to do?

a. Clean up the toys.
b. Say “I didn’t play with those anyway.”

Matt and his brother Tom are taking a bath. Matt spills water all over the bathroom floor because he was playing in the bathtub. When his parents ask him what happened, what should Matt do?

a. Tell his Mom and Dad he spilled the water and offer to clean it up.
b. Tell them he didn’t do it.

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