Rosa Learns Forgiveness

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What did Ana do to her friend Rosa in the beginning of the story?
Ana didn’t want to play with her. Ana called Rosa names. Ana didn’t care if she hurt Rosa’s feelings.

How did Rosa feel?
Rosa felt sad and she felt mad.

When Rosa was walking home, what did she think about?
Rosa thought about all the fun things she and Ana did together.

At the end, how did the two girls make up?
Ana said she was sorry, and Rosa forgave her.

If you were Rosa, what would you do?
(This is an opportunity for an open-ended conversation.)


Figuring out what to do:

Think of times when a friend has hurt your feelings or you have hurt a friend’s feelings.  How did it make you feel? What did they do, or what did you do? What can you do when that happens?

Understanding forgiveness:

Here are some things that happen sometimes to children.   What do you think is the best thing to do?


John and Danny are playing blocks. Danny is making a big tower. John knocks over Danny’s big tower, on purpose.  What should Danny do?

a.Tell John he’s mad at him for knocking over the blocks, and ask John to help him put the tower up again.
b. Knock over John’s blocks.

Which is the forgiving or best thing to do?

Taylor and Kim are planning to play together after school. But then Kim decides she doesn’t want Taylor to come over to her house, and she invites a different girl over. What should Taylor do?

a. Tell Kim that she’ll never speak to her again.
b. Tell Kim that she’s upset, but she still wants to be her friend.

What is the forgiving or best thing to do?


José and Lucy have been friends for many years. One day, when they are playing, José calls Lucy a name. Later, he says he’s sorry. What should Lucy do?

a. Lucy should tell José that she doesn’t want to be his friend anymore.
b. Lucy should tell José that her feelings are hurt because he called her names, but she will still be his friend.

Which is the forgiving or best thing to do?

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