Rodrigo's Jersy

Discussion Questions

What did the other children say to Rodrigo when they saw his jersey?
They liked it. They gave him compliments.

Why didn’t Rodrigo want to go outside to play with the other children?
He was afraid that the other children wouldn’t like him as much if he didn’t have a new, clean jersey.

What did the other children say to Rodrigo to help him decide to go outside and play?
They told Rodrigo they liked him for who he was, and not for what he had.

How do you think Rodrigo felt when his friends wanted him to come out and play?
He felt good about himself.

Figuring out what to do:
Sometimes children like the things other children have. They might like a child better because he or she has a special toy, a pretty sweater, or something special.


Have you ever wanted something because you thought other children would like you better?

Why do you think your friends like you?

What can this story teach you?


Here are some things that happen to children sometimes. What is the better thing to do?

Sam comes to school with a new ball. Everyone wants to play with it. What should Sam do?

A. Share his ball with his friends.
B. Tell his friends they can’t play with his new ball.

Donelle’s Mom told him she can’t buy him a new truck until she makes more money. What should Donelle do?

A. Say thank you to his Mom because she will try to buy him the truck later.
B. Be mad at his Mom for not getting him the truck now.





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