Respecting Nature

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What did the children do in the beginning of the story?
They broke some bushes. They threw their garbage all over. They threw garbage in the pond. They were noisy and scared the animals.

What did they see that made them change?
They saw a bird feeding its babies. The children felt bad about how they were acting.

What did the children do after that?
They picked up all their garbage. They were quiet around the animals.

What did the teacher say to the children?
The teacher was glad that the children were respectful of nature.

Why is it important to respect nature?
(This is an opportunity for an open-ended discussion.)


Draw a picture of something in nature. Then tell someone how you can be respectful of nature.

Think of something you can do to respect nature at your local park. Ask a family member to go to the park with you so you can show them how to respect nature.

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