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Teaching Values to Young Children


Discussion Questions

What did Gilbert do that made his friends mad?
He pushed people aside, knocked down the blocks, was noisy when everyone else was trying to sleep. He also bumped against his friends’ paintings and talked when it wasn’t his turn. Then he ate a napkin and plate! He wasn’t respectful of his friends and of their things.

Can you think of what Gilbert could do instead next time?
He should be respectful and more careful. He can be careful by not pushing people, by being quiet when others are sleeping, by being careful of other people’s paintings. And he shouldn’t eat the plate—even if he is a goat!

Why did Gilbert’s friends say, “Gilbert, please don’t do that!”
Because they didn’t like what he did. Because he wasn’t respectful or careful.

What does ‘respect’ mean?
When you respect another person, you treat them the same way you want to be treated—nicely.


Figuring out what to do:

Think of when you or someone else you know wasn’t respectful. How can you or that person be respectful next time?

Understanding respect:

Here are some things that children do sometimes. What do you think is the respectful thing to do?

Sonia’s teacher asks Sonia to pick up the toys she was just playing with. What should Sonia do to show respect:

a. Pick up the toys.
b. Yell "NO" loudly at the teacher.

Jonathon’s brother borrowed Jonathon’s bike. He accidentally rode it through some mud and the bike got dirty. What do you think is the respectful thing to do?

a. Give the dirty bike back to Jonathon.

b. Wash the bike off before giving it back to Jonathon.

Yung and Naomi are both waiting to tell a story to the class during circle time. Yung wants to go first, but the teacher asks Naomi to go first. What is the respectful thing for Yung to do?

a. Wait his turn.
b. Yell out when Naomi is telling her story.

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