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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions 

What made Molly and Jenny feel good?
Being with their friends, being with their Mom and Dad, learning new things, doing something nice for someone else, doing a good job, being themselves.

When you help someone else, why do you feel good?
You feel good because you did something nice for someone else.

When you are with your friends and with your parents, how does that make you feel good?
You feel good because you love them and they love you.

What is special and different about you that makes you feel happy?
Do you ever see something beautiful that makes you feel happy?


Understanding happiness:

Think about times you felt happy and felt good about yourself. Why did you feel that way? Did you do something special, or did someone else make you feel special? What are some other things that you can do to make you feel that way again?

Understanding what to do:

Here are some things that children do sometimes. What do you think would make you happy?

Jose and Ramon are playing. They are happy when they

a. Talk nicely to each other.
b. Share their toys.
c. Don’t care about what the other person is feeling.

Kathleen and Lucy are walking by a neighbor’s house. The neighbor is outside raking her leaves. The neighbor is an older woman who lives by herself. Sometimes she seems lonely.

Kathleen and Lucy

a. Offer to help rake her leaves.
b. Just walk by and don’t say anything.

Which would make Kathleen and Lucy feel good? Which would make the neighbor feel good?

Joe is on the soccer team, but he isn’t as good as the other children. What would make him feel good?

a. Practice every day to become better.
b. Quit soccer.

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