Cory Learns to tell the Truth

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions 

What did Cory do that made children mad?
He told stories that weren’t true, he lied about spilling the milk and knocking over the blocks.

What important thing should Cory do instead?
He should tell the truth, he shouldn’t lie when he does something.

Sometimes things happen and children are afraid to tell the truth, so they lie. If they lie, what should they do when they feel bad about it?
They should tell the truth and say they’re sorry. They can also ask a grown-up what to do.

If you lie all the time, what happens?
Nobody believes you anymore. Nobody wants to be your friend. Your friends don’t trust you. You feel bad about yourself.


Figuring out what to do:

Think of times when you or someone else you knew lied or didn’t tell the truth. Why do you think they did it? What happened after? What is something else they could have done?

Understanding honesty:

Here are some things that can happen to children sometimes. What do you think is the honest thing to do?

Tom and Jose are playing ball in the street. Their ball goes through a neighbor’s window and breaks it. They are scared. What should they do?

a. run away.
b. tell the neighbor and offer to help pay for the window.
c. ask their parents to help them talk to the neighbor.

Which are the truthful things to do?

Maria and Ann are playing with their dolls. Ann accidentally rips the dress on Maria’s doll. When Maria starts crying, what should Ann do?

a. tell Maria she ripped the dress by accident and that she’ll help her fix it.
b. tell Maria the dress was already ripped when they started playing.

Which is the truthful thing to do?

Paolo and Kim are going to buy gum at the store. Kim doesn’t have enough money, so he takes the gum, puts it in his pocket and leaves. When his mother asks him where he got the gum, what should he say?

a. “It was already in my pocket.”
b. “I took it from the store without paying for it.”

Which is the truthful thing to do?

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