Cody Learns to tell the Truth

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Teaching Values to Young Children

Discussion Questions

What did Cory tell his friends he could do?
He told them he could play soccer.

Did Cory know how to play soccer?
No, he had never played before.

What happened because Cory didn’t know how to play soccer?
He made a lot of mistakes. The team lost the game. Cory’s friends were mad.

What did Cory decide to do so his friends would trust and believe him again?
He told them the truth.

When Cory told the truth, what did his friends do?
They forgave him for lying. They helped him learn to play soccer.

If you were Cory, what would you have done? Why?
(This is an opportunity for an open ended discussion.)


Figuring out what do to:

Think of a time when you or someone else you knew didn’t tell the truth. Why do you think they did it?  What happened after? What is something else they could have done?

Understanding honesty:

Here are some things that can happen to children sometimes. What do you think is the honest and right thing to do?

Maria tells her teacher that she knows how to read. But when she has to read some directions, she doesn’t know how to.  What should she do?

a. Pretend she knows how to read the directions
b. Ask the teacher for help

Which is the honest and right thing to do? Which will help Maria more?

John tells his friends that his parents can take them all to the park so they can play. But he knows his parents are always working and won’t be able to do it. What should he do?

a. Not talk to his friends anymore
b. Tell his friends that his parents can’t take them to the park

What is the honest and right thing to do?  How might John feel if he tells his friends the truth?

Shante has lost a doll that her grandmother gave her. Her grandmother comes to visit and she asks to see the doll. What should Shante do?

a.Tell her grandmother that she has lost the doll and ask her grandmother to help her find it
b. Pretend she doesn’t want to play with the doll anymore

What is the honest and best thing to do? Why?




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