Community Garden


Discussion Questions

Why didn’t Malik want to go to the garden?
He didn’t want to get dirty.

What did Malik do at the garden?
He dug a hole, planted seeds, watered the plants, pulled weeds, picked tomatoes and made new friends.

Why did the people grow vegetables in the garden?
They wanted to give the vegetables to people who needed them. They also wanted to eat healthy food.

What did the people do at the end of the story?
They had a big dinner with all the food from the garden.

Figuring out what to do:
People feel good when they help other people.

Can you tell about a time when you did something to help someone else? How did you feel? How did the other person feel?

What is something nice you can do for someone else?

Why should people help each other?

Activities: Helping Others

Here are some things that happen sometimes. What is the right thing to do?

Roberto’s neighbor can’t pick up the litter in his yard because he hurt himself. What can Roberto do?

A. Pick up the litter.
B. Tell someone else to do it.

Mayisha’s little brother is crying because no one will play with him. What can Mayisha do?

A. Go to another room.
B. Play with her brother.

Matt’s Dad is very tired after working hard all day. What can Matt do?

A. Say he doesn’t care.
B. Help his Dad make dinner or set the table.




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